Neuromuscular Clinic

Our neurodiagnostic team, under the supervision of Dr. Martinez conducts Electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS) to help confirm or rule out the presence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Ulnar Nerve Palsy, Myelopathy, Neuropathy or Radiculopathy. While treatments can vary from Occupational and Physical Therapy to medication management to surgery, you can count on a rapid diagnosis and a personal treatment plan administered by our dedicated medical team, technicians and support staff.

Diagnostic Tests

In addition to taking a complete health history and a neurological evaluation, our neurodiagnostic team conducts tests and procedures that are vital tools to help rule out or confirm the presence of a neurological disorder or other medical condition. At the Neurology and Pain Specialty Center, the following diagnostic tests are available:

  • A nerve conduction study (NCS) test, also called a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test, measures electrical energy by assessing the nerve’s ability to send a signal. A technician tapes two sets of flat electrodes on the skin over the muscles. The first set of electrodes is used to send small pulses of electricity (similar to the sensation of static electricity) to stimulate the nerve that directs a particular muscle. The second set of electrodes transmits the responding electrical signal to a recording machine. The physician then reviews the response to verify any nerve damage or muscle disease.
  • Usually done in conjunction with an NCS is the Electromyogram, used to diagnose nerve and muscle dysfunction and spinal cord disease.
  • Other tests that may be ordered include lab work (blood tests), MRI, CT, Ultrasound, lumbar puncture and nerve or muscle biopsy.


Treatments for neuromuscular conditions vary widely, depending upon the disease or disorder. For information, ask your physician or advanced practitioner and learn more about the condition under Common Neurological Conditions.

Patient Tips

  • Wear clothing that allows access up to your shoulder or knee
  • Do not use any cologne, lotion or perfume prior to testing
Key Neuromuscular Clinic Staff

Kenneth P. Martinez, M.D.

Physician Assistants
Adela Ashraf, P.A.-C
Katherine King, P.A.-C
Jessica Vollebregt, P.A.-C
Wendy Reulman, P.A.-C

Nurse Practitioner
Mia Kim, F.N.P

Registered Nurse
Julie Ramirez, R.N.

Occupational Therapist
Sharon Pascua, O.T. R./L

Neurodiagnostic Technicians
Tim Harvey
Michael Husava
Jeff Mayland